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Leafy Seadragon

Art - Exquisite Glass work made entirely of flameworked borosilicate glass. 

Artist: Jupiter Nielsen [Top] - [Bottom]


It may be hard to believe, but this incredibly lifelike lobster is entirely made of boxwood. Hand-carved and fully articulated, it’s the painstaking work of 25-year-old Japanese sculptor Ryosuke Ohtake and an awesome example of form of uniquely Japanese sculpture known as jizai okimono.

"The craft involves carving realistic animals whose bodies and limbs are all animated through joints just like the real living thing. Some common subjects are birds, fishes, snakes and insects. It’s a craft that originated in the late-Edo period (late 1700s) when metalsmiths and armor makers, faced with a decline in demand for armor, found themselves with plenty of time on their hands. But ever since it’s modest beginnings, the lobster, with its numerous joints and undulating back, has been considered to be the most difficult and challenging subject."

What’s perhaps even more unbelievable about this amazing creature is that it was Ohtake’s very first jizai okimono piece. It was shown as part of a wooden sculpture exhibition which took place at Tokyu Department Store in Tokyo this past April.

Click here to watch a brief video to get a closer look at this truly astonishing wooden crustacean, how it was made, and how realistically every single part of its beautifully articulated body moves.

Then visit Ryosuke Ohtake’s Facebook page to check out more of his amazing sculptures.

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Lagomorphs! (Rabbits and sundry) as animal guides / spiritual helpers. By Ravenari 


Lop Bunny
Arctic Hare
Wild Rabbit
Cape Hare
Sumatran Striped Rabbit (how badass are these guys) 

Otters (yeah okay I’ve drawn a lot of otters) as spiritual / meditation / animal guides. By Ravenari 


Literally - River Otter, River Otter, River Otters
Sea Otter


MACROPODS! (Kangaroos, wallabies and other little fun creatures in the group). As animal guides and spiritual guides. Art by Ravenari 


Grizzled Tree Kangaroo
Red Kangaroo
Huon Tree Kangaroo
Rufous Hare Wallaby (these are wallabies the size of rabbits!)
Banded Hare Wallaby
Red Kangaroo (I love them, okay?). 

Marsupials rock my socks. Also, working with them in meditation and trance state is pretty incredible. 

Some of the lesser common felids (cats) as animal guides, by Ravenari


Fishing Cat
Bornean Clouded Leopard 
Ocelot again
Asiatic Lion
Pallas’ Cat

(Coloured pencil, watercolour pencil, ink/fineliner).